Our Facilities

About Wonderfeet

Wonderfeet Creative Academy is a safe haven for young minds, adopting innovative learning techniques and focusing on overall personality development. Our holistic education emphasizes skills, knowledge, and attitude, preparing children for life beyond books and grades. We ensure each child achieves optimal cognitive, socio-emotional, gross motor, and fine motor skills by nurturing their unique abilities. Through the development of reasoning skills, we cultivate leadership qualities, enhance IQ, and promote extracurricular talents. At Wonderfeet, we are committed to providing the highest quality education, ensuring your child thrives in a supportive and enriching environment.

We understand the importance of your child's safety when they are away from home. At Wonderfeet, we ensure a joyous learning experience by prioritizing their safety and protection at all times. Our comprehensive safety measures include CCTV surveillance, child-friendly furniture, and safe flooring both inside and outside the campus. We also have strong fencing and ensure that every staff member undergoes stringent background checks before employment. Additionally, first aid kits are available around the clock, ensuring immediate care when needed. With our commitment to overall safety management, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is in a secure and nurturing environment.

In addition to featuring child-friendly flooring, furniture, and comprehensive CCTV surveillance, we have fulfilled all requirements to earn a 'School Safety Certification.' Our campus has obtained a building stability certificate, a fire safety certificate, and a sanitation certificate. These certifications ensure that your child studies in a top-tier, hygienic, and safe environment with no risk factors involved. At Wonderfeet, we are committed to providing a secure and healthy setting where your child's well-being and safety are our utmost priorities.

Wonderfeet offers innovative and modern health and hygiene facilities designed specifically for young children. We provide only RO distilled water to ensure the highest quality hydration. Our thoroughly sanitized washrooms are equipped with hand sanitizers, exclusive child-sized toilet seats, and kid-friendly wash basins. Additionally, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness by regularly washing and sanitizing all beds, pillows, and blankets. At Wonderfeet, we are dedicated to creating a clean and healthy environment for your child's well-being.

Wonderfeet recognizes the importance of providing additional facilities for young children spending time away from home. We offer a dedicated fridge for storing home-cooked food and provide an induction stove upon request for heating water, milk, or food items. Parents are encouraged to make these requests confidently, knowing their child's needs will be met with care. All daycare children at Wonderfeet are provided with clean, comfortable net beds, pillows, and blankets to ensure a restful environment. We also maintain a shoe rack to keep children's footwear clean and secure throughout their stay. These thoughtful amenities contribute to a nurturing and organized setting where children can feel safe and at ease away from home.

The play area at Wonderfeet is designed to be a source of joy and wonder for every child. We prioritize safety while creating an adventurous playground environment tailored for young children. Kids can explore and enjoy a variety of activities including trampolining, sand pits, and ball pits. Additionally, they can take a dip in the kiddie swimming pool, which is available based on weather conditions and parental interest. Our playground also features swings, slides, rockers, see-saws, bicycles, and electric bikes, providing ample opportunities for active play and fun. At Wonderfeet, we are committed to offering a stimulating and secure play area where children can engage in enriching activities and create lasting memories.

At Wonderfeet, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch classroom facilities to ensure every child has a safe and comfortable learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning for optimal comfort throughout the day, supplemented by dedicated nap rooms where children can rest as needed. Our library offers a wealth of books and resources to foster a love for reading and learning. For interactive and engaging learning experiences, we provide state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities that enhance educational content delivery. Adding to the dynamic environment, we offer an open sky classroom setup where children can learn amidst nature, promoting a holistic educational experience. Moreover, our puppet house provides a fun-filled space for storytelling sessions, sparking creativity and imagination in young minds. At Wonderfeet, we are committed to nurturing a stimulating and supportive learning atmosphere that encourages exploration, creativity, and academic growth.

At Wonderfeet, education is our mission. We are dedicated to offering a holistic form of learning that accompanies children through their most formative years. Our approach is rooted in experiential learning methodologies, ensuring each child benefits from an enhanced, state-of-the-art educational experience.

Our philosophy can be summed up in a simple mantra:
✔ Tell me – I forget
✔ Teach me – I remember
✔ Involve me – I will learn.

By actively involving children in their learning journey, we empower them to not just absorb knowledge but to understand, apply, and retain it. At Wonderfeet, we strive to instill a lifelong love for learning while nurturing each child's individual growth and potential.

Holistic education at Wonderfeet goes beyond intellectual development; it encompasses social, emotional, and psychological growth crucial for a well-rounded upbringing. Our approach encourages children to not only grasp concepts but also apply them across various subjects. The goal of our holistic education is to empower children to build on their strengths and enhance their skills. We believe in nurturing the "HEAD" (intellectual buy-in) through knowledge-based learning, equipping children with essential information and critical thinking abilities. The "HANDS" (behavioral effort) focus on skill development, where practical application and hands-on learning activities foster competence and confidence. Moreover, fostering the "HEART" (emotional buy-in) is integral to our approach, cultivating positive attitudes and emotional intelligence.We challenge children to think critically and creatively, honing their reasoning skills and promoting quick, effective decision-making. At Wonderfeet, holistic education means guiding children to engage their head, hands, and heart fully, preparing them not just for academic success but for life’s challenges with resilience and understanding.

Wonderfeet champions experiential learning as a dynamic process where knowledge is acquired through firsthand experience, reflection, and practical application. This approach unfolds in four essential stages: Firstly, children engage in concrete learning experiences, directly interacting with concepts and materials. Secondly, they enhance their observational skills, keenly observing outcomes and patterns. The third stage involves analyzing observations, forming concepts, and deriving conclusions or generalizations. Finally, children test hypotheses, applying their understanding in new contexts to validate their learning. At Wonderfeet, we believe effective learning occurs when children progress through this comprehensive cycle of experiential learning. By actively engaging in these stages, children not only acquire knowledge but also develop critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Regular activities will include the following

  • Welcoming the kids by the respective teachers and helpers
  • Children will arrange their footwear and bags on the rack in the allotted space
  • National Anthem
  • Kids yoga
  • Colour fusion and painting
  • Western dance training once in a week by an expert
  • Fitness training once in a week by an expert
  • Free play session by exploring around the campus
  • Segregating & organizing materials by the children
  • Exploring library once in a week
  • Access to water pool twice in month
  • Weekly theme
  • Kids cookery
  • Psychological assessments by experts
  • Sessions for parents on parenting
  • Gardening
  • Field visit
  • Pre planned diet chart

At Wonderfeet, we prioritize effective knowledge transfer tailored to the individual uniqueness of each child. We employ diverse and innovative mediums such as storytelling, dramatics, and self-exploration to facilitate learning in creative and engaging ways. Additionally, we utilize flashcards, hands-on experiences, and teach logical reasoning skills to ensure that children are equipped to tackle various challenges. Our approach to knowledge transfer goes beyond traditional methods, fostering a deep understanding and application of concepts. By nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, Wonderfeet prepares children to excel academically and thrive in a dynamic world.