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At Wonderfeet, we understand the importance of helping children overcome separation anxiety and adapt to new environments. We support their development by encouraging learning through observation and tactile experiences. Gradually, we introduce them to the outside world, fostering confidence and independence in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our approach ensures that each child's transition is handled with care and sensitivity, promoting emotional resilience and readiness for future challenges.

With a heightened understanding of the world around them, children at Wonderfeet embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. We encourage learning through interactive games that are thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum, fostering skills such as listening, sharing, and adaptation. At this stage, we introduce the joy of reading through books, rhymes, and activities designed to enhance sensory skills. Through engaging experiences, children develop a love for learning while building foundational cognitive and social abilities essential for their growth and development. Our approach at Wonderfeet ensures that learning is not only educational but also fun and enriching, preparing children for a lifetime of curiosity and exploration.

At Wonderfeet, children are guided to grasp and adhere to norms, rules, and regulations, fostering skills in teamwork, independence, and initiative. Through exploration, they enhance their understanding, problem-solving abilities, logical reasoning, and dramatic expression. This stage lays a robust foundation for developing writing skills, including phonics for reading proficiency. Children begin by mastering pencil grips and strokes before progressing to learning alphabets and numbers. Basic mathematical concepts such as greater/lesser comparisons and color identification are introduced through engaging activities. This holistic approach not only cultivates academic readiness but also nurtures social-emotional growth, ensuring each child at Wonderfeet is well-equipped for future learning challenges.

In this stage at Wonderfeet, children receive comprehensive training in an enriched educational environment with a heightened emphasis on developing proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. Alongside strengthening their language abilities, children are introduced to a second language, enhancing their cognitive skills and fostering a broader understanding of different cultures and communication. Our approach ensures a structured and supportive learning atmosphere where children not only excel academically but also gain confidence in expressing themselves verbally and in writing. By integrating diverse learning experiences and linguistic challenges, Wonderfeet prepares children to thrive in an increasingly globalized world while nurturing their intellectual growth and curiosity.

Here at Wonderfeet, we lay the crucial foundations for mastery in reading, writing, and speaking during this grade level. Our curriculum delves deeper into mathematical concepts, introducing and practicing addition, subtraction, as well as ascending and descending sequences. This structured approach not only builds strong academic skills but also instills confidence in children's ability to comprehend and apply foundational knowledge in language and mathematics. Through engaging activities and supportive guidance, we empower children to develop a solid educational framework that prepares them for future academic success and challenges.

Social Skills and Social Awareness

- All About Me : Children explore personal details such as their name, family members, home, rooms, household items, and favorites (food, clothes, games, toys).

- Safety : Lessons cover safety measures at home, school, parks, and on the road.

- Transportation : Learning about different vehicles, traffic signals, and modes of transport.t

Personality Development - Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being

- Food and Nutrition : Understanding the difference between healthy food and junk food.

- Good Habits : Educating children on concepts like good touch/bad touch, good manners, and using magical words.

- Sports: Introduction to both indoor and outdoor games, along with appropriate sports attire.

Moral Values - Love, Sympathy, Empathy & Care

- Love for Nature : Fostering appreciation for animals, birds, and plants.

- Love for People : Developing empathy towards family members, friends, teachers, and neighbors.

- Community Helpers : Learning about various roles such as doctors, teachers, police officers, firefighters, drivers, farmers, maids, and security guards.

Life Skills - Essential Skills for Everyday Life

- Language Skills : Focus on phonics, reading, and writing to enhance literacy.

- Numeracy Skills : Oral counting from 1 to 50 and identifying numbers from 1 to 10.

- Lifestyle : Understanding different aspects of life including food choices, clothing, and awareness of climatic conditions and seasons.

At Wonderfeet, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded development in children, encompassing social skills, personality growth, moral values, and essential life skills. Through engaging activities and interactive learning experiences, we prepare children to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally in a supportive and enriching environment.

Extracurricular Activities


S.Ranjith (MCA)
Founder & Director
Lee Martial Arts Karate Academy

Sensei S. Ranjith, a respected IVth Dan Black Belt in Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate Do Kyu Kai India, leads Lee Martial Arts Karate Academy as its founder and director. He excels as a national coach and judge in KIO, specializing in traditional Japanese karate styles like Goju-Ryu and Isshin-Ryu, and also teaches traditional Tamil martial arts and ancient weapons at his academy.



J.G. Nivedhitha is a Senior National Arbiter and former "Women’s National A" player in chess, with an international FIDE rating of 1854. She has represented India in Asian and World Junior Chess Championships, organized tournaments, and she is a B.Tech Graduate.


Pavithra Palani

Pavithra Palani is a dedicated Bharathanatiyam student and teacher based in Chennai, with a notable career spanning performances in India and abroad. Recognized for her achievements including Guinness and Nova World Records, she continues to inspire through her dance.


Raghavan Pugazh

Raghavan has won various street dance battles in Chennai and is considered the pioneer of Locking Dance Style in India. Raghavan has also won numerous choreography competitions, including in 2012, which was a dream competition for professional dancers. He has choreographed for many corporate companies and colleges.


Sri Latha Balasubramanian

With extensive experience in Carnatic music, including a Diploma in Vocal Music from Kalakshetra College and a "Sangeetha Vidwan" title from Tamil Nadu Government Music College. With a background in teaching Carnatic Vocal and Violin, organizing cultural events, and performing devotional songs in Chennai temples.